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Flexo Print, Advertising Materials, Plovdiv

We make cliches for printing on:

• HDPE, LDPE, PP and metallised foil;
• Aluminum foil for the dairy and pharmaceutical industry;
• Polyamide sleeves for sausages;
• Multi-layer vacuum foils;
• Packaging tape;
• Textile strap for stamp labels;
• Heat shrinkable wine capsules;
• Paper bags for flour and building materials;
• Packaging paper;
• Tissu for napkins;
• Woven polypropylene bags;
• Containers "BigBag"
• Corrugated cardboard boxes and micro-pallets
• Relief
• Pad printing
• Letterpress

We offer 8-color flexo printing and packaging for:

• Bulk Food Packaging
- Rice, beans, lentils, bulgur, wheat, semolina, sugar - Dry cream, mashed potatoes, food concentrates, dry soups, powdered sugar
• Baked rolls, rolls, wafers, biscuits, croissants, crackers
• Nuts and dried fruit
• Ice cream
• Frozen vegetables
• Frozen fish
• Hygienic devices
- Napkins, toilet paper, handkerchiefs, household rolls
- Hygiene agents with special ingredients or creams
• Soaps
• Home Chemistry
• Packaging related to animal feed and hygiene

Offset print:

• Brochures
• Multiple calendars
• Postcards, Postcards, Posters • Pyramids, Planhes
• Work calendars
• Boxes, Booklets, Labels
• Folders, Stickers
• Catalogs, Books
• Cubes, Envelopes
• Business Cards, Business Cards
• OTHER - With us you can make any non-standard paper products. Stamped Products, Promotional Materials for Hypermarkets, Stop Zones, Calendars and much more.

We work with: