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Photopolymer cliches and flexo printing, promotional materials

ДИКОВ 90 - фотополимерни клишета и флексопечат"DIKOV 90" LTD was founded in 1990 with the object of design of flexible and transport packaging and production of photopolymeric clichés. At present, the company offers a wide range of photopolymer flexo forms, made by analogue and CtP method, cloths for zonal varnishing, hot stamping, pad printing, letterpress. In the field of packaging, the company added the line of products offered with flexible packaging with up to 8-color flexo printing, designed for packaging of various products of the food and perfumery-cosmetic industry, agriculture and household chemistry. In order to offer the most complete package of services to its clients, Dikov 90 LTD also offers offset printing of advertising materials - brochures, leaflets, catalogs as well as packaging of paper and cardboard, customs and excise documentations and company stamps.

Dikov LTD produces clichés for printing on:

• HDPE, LDPE, PP and metallised foil;
• Aluminum foil for the dairy and pharmaceutical industry;
• Polyamide sleeves for sausages;
• Multi-layer vacuum foils;
• Packaging tape;
• Textile strap for stamp labels;
• Heat shrinkable wine capsules;
• Paper bags for flour and building materials;
• Packaging paper;
• Tissu for napkins;
• Woven polypropylene bags;
• Containers "BigBag"
• Corrugated cardboard boxes and micro-pallets
• Relief
• Pad printing
• Letterpress

We offer 8-color flexo printing and packaging for:

• Packaging for bulk food - Rice, beans, lentils, bulgur, wheat, semolina, sugar - Dry cream, mashed potatoes, food concentrates, dry soups, powdered sugar
• Baked rolls, waffles, biscuits, croissants, crackers
• Nuts and dried fruit
• Ice cream
• Frozen vegetables
• Frozen fish
• Hygiene devices
- Napkins, toilet paper, handkerchiefs, household rolls
- Hygiene agents with special ingredients or creams
• Soaps
• Household chemistry • Animal and animal feed packaging

Offset print:

• Brochures
• Multiple calendars
• Post cards
• Blankers, Posters, Pyramids
• Planets
• Work calendars
• Stickers
• Boxes, leaflets
• Labels
• Folders, Catalogs
• Books
• Cubes
• Envelopes
• Business Cards, Business Cards

• OTHER - you can make any non-standard paper products. Stamped Products, Promotional Materials for Hypermarkets, Stop Zones, Calendars and much more.