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Design and prepress, promotional materials

You have questions about design and prepress, promotional materials?
Please, contact us at office@dikov.com or 0331/63952

Graphic design is the first step in making packaging. To offer a great service to our customers we have all necessary computer stations, licensed software packages, rich libraries of vector and raster images and digital control footprint systems. To take the path from idea to project we have our own photo studio for fashion, advertising and product photography.

If you already have a draft project or work file, it must meet the following requirements:

File type - we accept the following file formats: .CDR, .AI, .TIF, .JPG, .PDF , .PS, .EPS и .PSD.
CMYK and / or Pantone color: Submitted files must be in CMYK. If you send us files in other color standards like RGB and Lab, we will convert them to CMYK. Converting from one standard to another is likely to change colors.
Resolution: For best results, the resolution of the images must be at least 250 dpi (dots per inch) for the final image size. DO NOT attempt to increase (interpolate) low-resolution images in your software - this may result in poor results.
Fonts: Convert the fonts to curves before sending your files. Converting curves to your texts eliminates the need to send the fonts you have used.
File Compression: Compress the file with WinRAR, WinZIP or other popular compression software.