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Food packaging and flexo printing

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Bulk food packaging
- Macaroni, rice, beans, lentils, groats, wheat, semolina, sugar - BOPP + CAST BOPP double-layer packages are recommended for this type of product, characterized by high seam strength, puncture resistance and excellent transparency.
- Dry cream, mashed potatoes, food concentrates, dry soups, powdered sugar - these products are characterized by high hygroscopicity, so they are packed in combination foils with high barrier properties to air moisture and excellent strength and reliability of the PET + LD seams or PET + AL + LD.

Baked rolls, waffles, biscuits, croissants, crackers
In order to preserve the taste of chocolate glazes and to prevent the fat being lost, a foil that reflects the sun's rays is necessary. For this purpose, a combined foil of natural BOPP + metallised BOPP is used..

Nuts and dried fruits
When it comes to high fat products, it is recommended to use the natural BOPP + metallised BOPP combination. If the products are low in fat, it is possible to use natural BOPP + natural BOPP foil. The use of matte BOPP film can give the packaging a non-traditional look and satisfy the highest criteria of individuality and creativity.

Ice cream
Depending on the type of ice cream and the desire of the manufacturer, single layer BOPP packages or two-layer BOPP + metallized BOPP, natural BOPP + natural BOPP are possible.

Frozen vegetables
The whole life cycle of these products is accompanied by low temperatures. This is the reason why the packaging requirements are mechanical strength, crack resistance under the influence of cold, seam tightness, but at the same time good transparency so that the customer with his own eyes can be sure of the quality of the product. These criteria are fulfilled by the BOPP + CAST BOPP combination.

Frozen fish
The specialty of cutting, storing, transporting and realizing, determines packaging requirements. The PET + LD combination protects against oxygen and water vapor penetration, and the structurally-defining LD-layer guarantees good thermal insulation. This type of material also allows vacuum packaging. In cases where the product can pierce and pierce the packaging during cutting or transporting, the surface layer can be replaced with polyamide.

Hygiene devices
- Napkins, toilet paper, handkerchiefs, household rolls - single layer films BOPP or LD are applicable which allow good bonding and high transparency. Depending on the packaging, a foil or an envelope is produced.
- Hygiene agents with special ingredients or creams - wet / wet / wipes for children, for cleaning cars or for the household.
Combined foils of the PET-LD type are used which allow the product to maintain its moisture throughout the shelf life and prevent the migration of fragrances out of the packaging.

Depending on the state of the soap, choose between BOPP + BOPP foams for solid soaps and PET-LD for liquid soaps. If solid toilet soaps are packaged in a group pack, the combined foil will protect the print layer from scratches.

Household chemistry
High requirements for mechanical strength, barrier properties and inertness with regard to the chemical substances contained in the products are imposed on household chemicals. Such packaging is approached individually, taking into account a number of physical, chemical and technical parameters.

The PET-LD composite film fulfills the barrier and strength requirements, with specific products being subject to higher inertness criteria for the LD-layer, and for larger packs, it converts to 2 LD-coats.

Packaging related to animal feed and hygiene
These are packages for dry food and granulated toilet material. Combined PET-LD foils meet the strength, barrier and inertia requirements of the product.